The following testimonials were written about the Imagination Library of Franklin County and how it has affected a child or family:

“We loved it!  Lilli cried when we told her it was over.”  – Amanda S.

“I get so excited for my books!” – Nora, age 3

“They are awesome!  We love all of our books we have received.”  – Christine


Alana’s Story- Imagination Library Franklin County and the Gift of a Love of Reading.

By Amanda Herbert 

Our family started reading bedtime stories the day Alana was born; I knew how important reading to children was.  When Alana was just 3 weeks old, we entered her in the baby contest at the county fair.  We were given a bag of goodies including a pamphlet for Imagination Library.  We signed her up and started receiving our free books in the mail.  For a long time, Alana would just look at the pictures, but one day she started pointing, giggling, and cooing at the books.  We knew then that Alana would love to read.

Alana turned 5 this summer, so we broke the news to her that she would only be getting one or two more Imagination Library books.  She cried.  She loved getting her books in the mail every month! Then I found out that Franklin County Public Library District will allow children to get their own library cards at age 5 (check with library personnel for more information on obtaining a library card).   On Alana’s birthday, we took a trip to the library to get her a library card of her own.  “Best birthday present ever” was what she called it!  Around the same time, I also found out that the Imagination Library program is sponsored by members of our own community.  The books don’t come from a grant program like I thought.  They are given through donations locally.  So, Alana and I asked family members to give $5 each to The Imagination Library of Franklin County for her birthday.  We wanted to share the joy those books gave us with other families in our community.  Through the family’s donations, we raised enough to cover the cost of 1 years’ worth of books for one child.  

If your child is under 5 years old, stop by the library to pick up a registration pamphlet for the Imagination Library program to start receiving your books in the mail.  And if you would like to help support The Imagination Library of Franklin County (which is starting its 14th year of operation in Franklin County), please consider donating at https://imaginationlibrary.com/usa/affiliate/INFRANKLIN/ or pick up a donation envelope at the library.  Together we can get books into every child’s hands.

Children birth – 5 years old who live in Franklin County, can be enrolled in the ILFC program.
Once enrolled, they will receive an age-appropriate book in the mail each month until they turn 5 years old.



Shared from Dave Willhelm

Emma Jane Rosenberger’s 1st Book

Emma Jane Rosenberger’s first book.

L-R: Grandmother Linda Rosenberger, Emma Jane Rosenberger, and Teacher Chelsea Stenger.

Emma Jane Rosenberger recently told the Franklin County School Board about writing her first book, Jonah the Explorer.
Ms. Rosenberger, a 4th grader at Mt. Carmel School, collaborated with her grandmother Linda Rosenberger and illustrator Kathy Hilbert to tell the story of her pet hamster Jonah getting lost under the stove.

Ms. Rosenberger’s love of books started as a small child when she received monthly books in the mail from Franklin County’s Imagination Library. Her teacher Chelsea Stenger encouraged her to write the book about Jonah. Fifteen copies have been printed so far and Ms. Rosenberger is working on publishing more copies. A second book is underway about the exploits of Jonah and his hamster buddies named Teeny and Tiny.

The Imagination Library of Franklin County has enrolled over 1,000 preschoolers into the free program since 2008. Any child between birth and 5 years old, who is a resident of Franklin County, is eligible for the program and can be enrolled at either the Brookville or Laurel libraries. The child will receive a free book each month by mail. Donations to the Imagination Library of Franklin County can be mailed to Brookville Public Library, 919 Main Street, Brookville, Indiana, 47012.

Reported by Sara Duffy